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Monday, 28 January 2008

A letter from the unknown soldier

Dear Prime Minister

I watched the wreath laying ceremony held in my honour at India Gate as usual on 26 Jan with interest. I was really impressed by your cavalcade of vehicles and the posse of security men accompanying you. That’s a natty ambulance you have. But I was a little surprised by the fact that your life is under such grave threat even at a venue like the Amar Jawan Jyoti, after it has been sanitized, re-sanitized, and then some more.

You know, I loved my life too. But having volunteered to join a noble profession, I was willing to face the attendant challenges and risks boldly. Look where it has landed me.

I lie here, my makeshift abode I share with my comrades who died fighting for the British. I lie here till the nation I laid down my life for decides to give me a resting place I can call my own. Meanwhile, please do me a favour. From next year onwards, please leave me alone in my solitude, rather than disturbing my peace in the name of paying homage to me. Or, if you are really keen, at least grant me the dignity I deserve by avoiding the accompanying circus.

Yours faithfully

The unknown soldier of Independent India

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