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Saturday, 7 March 2015

New Book by Cdr Kamlesh Agnihotri

"Strategic Direction of the Chinese Navy: Capability and Intent Assessment" has been published and released on 19 Feb 15.

It starts with the background that major powers become super powers when maritime power ascendency becomes the centre-piece of their national endeavor. In the modern era, rise of Europeans through maritime route and their total domination of the Globe from 17th to 19th centuries; was followed by American ascendency as a super power in the 20th century, particularly after the Second World War.

A rapidity rising china has observed and understood this truism very well in its comprehensive march towards great power status. Beijing has accordingly prioritised development of all aspects related to the maritime domain. The Chinese Navy as the prime instrument of the State’s foreign policy in the maritime arena has also been accorded the status of a strategic Force and is modernising at a break-neck pace.

This book presents the result of a researched study on all facets
related to the Chinese Navy. Starting with the broad overview and organisation of the Force, it disaggregates the findings in the form of individual chapters on the three arms of the Navy - the Surface Force, Submarine Arm and the Naval Aviation. The latter half of the book comprises details of Force modernisation and operational evaluation of the rising PLA naval capabilities; and its local and regional implications, particularly those of relevance to the Indian Ocean region.

The book has been published by Bloomsbury India limited and the publisher may be contacted on for more book related info.

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