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Friday, 22 May 2015

From Today's Papers - 22 May 2015

IAF hunts for more roads to land jets in emergency
New Delhi, May 21
The Air Force today successfully test-landed a Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft on the Yamuna Expressway  as part of an emergency drill.

The aircraft that took off from Gwalior landed on the expressway at 6.40 am.

The force has plans to activate more such sites for emergency landings by jets. Such landings can be made in emergencies if an active airport is not available under certain circumstances. Mumbai and Mangalore are being considered as strategic locations where such landings can happen.

The IAF statement said the jet made a practice approach on the highway, coming down to a height of 100 m before landing at the next approach. “The operation was conducted in

coordination with District Magistrates and Superintendents of Police of Agra and Mathura,” it said.

For today’s trial, all facilities such as make-shift air traffic control, safety services, rescue vehicles, bird clearance parties and other requirements were set in place by the IAF. — TNS
Indian Army told to neutralise intruders, terrorists: Parrikar
New Delhi: The Indian army has been instructed to neutralise any armed intruder or terrorist trying to infiltrate into Indian side, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said here on Thursday.

India will do whatever it takes to check terrorism, Parrikar said at news channel's conclave, adding that terrorists cannot be treated on humanitarian ground.

Answering a question if India would give a befitting reply to Mumbai like terror attack, the minister said the intention was not to let such incident be repeated.

"If any country, why only Pakistan, is planning anything against my country, I will take proactive steps. Whatever we have to do, we will do it. Whether it is diplomatic, whether it is pressure tactics... Or as it is said `kante se kanta nikalna padta (you need to remove a thorn with a thorn)."

"You have to neutralise terrorists through terrorists only. Why can`t we do it, we should do it. Why my soldier has to bleed all the time," the minister said, adding that "these are issues which cannot be discussed beyond this point".

"I can only say that anyone trying to infiltrate will be neutralised," he said. "A terrorist who comes with a gun cannot be treated on humanitarian ground."

He, however, added that instructions have been given to take precaution that there is no "collateral damage" and that no Indian soldiers die. "Take precaution there is no collateral damage. Don`t touch civilians."

Asked what has changed after the NDA government assumed power at the Centre, the minister said: "Porosity on borders is less; intelligence has improved."

"I will stand by the army at any cost," Parrikar added.

Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s visit to China as "positive", Parrikar said no proper demarcation of international border leads to problems. "But it is not a matter of great tension... It will be resolved though talks," he added.

On one-rank-one-pension scheme, the minister said he cannot give the date for announcing the scheme, but added that the proposal is now with the finance ministry.

The defence minister also said he would submit his proposal regarding chief of defence staff by the end of next month which would push forward seamless integration of India`s defence forces which was need of the hour.

Talking about future of India`s defence forces, Parrikar said: "We are striving to create a more efficient force which may not be necessarily big. We need to spend more on `effective` personnel."

"In long term, India should have a slightly trimmer but more efficient and better equipped force. We need to create capabilities to meet our future needs. India can have territorial type of structure which can be scaled up in case of emergency."
First project under Indo-US DTTI cleared; to develop lightweight, protective clothing for soldiers

NEW DELHI: Ahead of a visit by US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, South Block has cleared a proposal that could kick start the first joint defence development project between the two nations for new, lightweight, protective clothing for soldiers.

Announced as one of the four pathfinders under the Defence Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI), which seeks to co-develop military equipment, the project for the army is said to have been given a quiet go-ahead by the defence ministry ea ..

Though the initial amount granted for the project is low - just under Rs 300 crore - it has the potential of getting much larger given that protective clothing for the entire Indian army is being planned. Sources said that the clearance of a plan to acquire chemical and biological resistant clothing is part of the army's modernization plans for the current five-year plan.

Under DTTI, the project is being called Uniform Integrated Protection Ensemble - Increment 2 (UIPE I2), and will se ..

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