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Some published, some unpublished, a collection of my work over the past few years.

Mentor for Winning - The importance of a mentoring relationship. 

Shortage of Officers - A single point entry system for central government services as a possible solution?

Challenges Before the New Army Chief - Blogitorial 02 Apr 10

Sixth Pay Commission : The Chief's Actions -  The service chiefs came under severe criticism in their decision to defer implementation of the pay commission's recommendations till anomalies were addressed. A comment on their actions.

Have We Learnt? - A comparison between the Dec 2001 Parliament attack and the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, and an analysis on whether the lessons learnt from the former were adequately utilized to face the latter.

Special Forces - A little about some of the elite forces from around the world.

Weapon of Last Resort or Tool of Initial Employment? - An analysis of Army's role in countering terrorist attacks like 26/11 and the pitfalls of transgressing the roles assigned.

Higher Defence Organisation (Part I)   Higher Defence Organisation (Part II)  Higher Defence Organisation (Part III)  - A three part series discussing an appropriate Higher Defence Organisation for India. Part I examines the genesis of current organisation, the organisations of some of the other countries, and the desired deliverables from such an organisation. Part II takes a look at peculiarities of the Indian geopolitical scenario necessitating a tailormade organisation for its defence. It also examines the roles expected from the CDS. Part III looks at one possible solution, with the additional environmental changes required to augment organisational changes.

Disparity and Despair - A contradictory approach to treatment of armed forces vis a vis civil servants and diplomats highlighted.

Zero Tolerance for Corruption in the Armed Forces - The aspects that set the armed forces apart dictate a zero tolerance policy for corruption as an imperative for survival of the organisation itself.

 Think Again - A new approach to the age old issues of civil military relations, comparative status and shortage of officers and how they can be addressed given the intent and will.

Information Security in Information Age - This was published in the War College Journal Spring 2009. Takes a look at our current paradigm on information security and its effectiveness, suggesting some improvements.

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